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10 Tips to Reduce Your Plastic Footprint

Shannon Craine

1. Whilst it's hard to get our take-away meals and drinks served without single-use packaging/coffee cups/straws/cutlery, try to spend your hard-earned money with venues 'doing the righty' by using compostable eco-straws, bottles, coffee cups and plates etc.

2. Support businesses that use a compost service for their food scraps and organic packaging - composting is one of the most sustainable disposal methods on the planet.

3. Visit cafes giving discount for coffees served in your own resusable coffee cup, you'll save a few bucks throughout the month too.

4. Take your light weight plastics back to Woolworths Australia, they recycle those for you.

5. Invest in reusable shopping and produce bags. You can find these from stores like www.floraandfauna.com.au

6. Buy yourself a soda stream, for those soda water and cool drink lovers and save on the plastic bottles. You can get one of these at Kmart Australia for $69 www.kmart.com.au

7. Get your staples like flour, sugar, cereal, nuts, kombucha, snacks and nut butters from stores like www.thesourcebulkfoods.com.au where you can take your own plastic-free bottles, containers and bags to be refilled.

8. Invest in an at home water dispenser and refill your water bottles for the day before you leave home, or look for venues that sell www.itsnotplastic.co bottled water in compostable bottles.

9. Take a take-away lunch container to the local butcher, instead of buying your meats wrapped in plastics from the supermarket. Plus you're probably helping a small business in your community.

10. Use sustainable, refillable laundry detergents. Eliminate the plastic bottles. Check out www.thedirtcompany.com.au

Lastly if you have to use plastic (we know it's difficult to completely avoid), try to re-use it and get to know what you're actually allowed to put in your home recycling bin.


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