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Changes from the ground up!

Shannon Craine

My son is 5 and started kindy this year in Australia. Already they are taught to be environmentally aware - the school has mandated plastic-free lunch packaging, they learn all about recycling, they have a composting facility, and a garden that utilises the compost, and produces floral and edible delights that the kids nurture and harvest - circular economy in action! They even made bees wax wraps the other week! Attitudes and behaviours form at a young age, I’m so thankful that our schools are leading by example. Change starts from the ground up! Even if the small change you make is to swap out your plastic straws for our amazing eco-friendly and biodegradable straws, the hashtag will be noticed, awareness raised, and your contribution to the war on plastic will be appreciated. Maybe your staff will have conversations with your customers about it, maybe another venue will be inspired by what you’re doing. Your customers will definitely be talking about it! And our earth will be better for it.

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