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Do you use an organic waste collection service?

Shannon Craine

There are companies around Australia that will come to your home/cafe/bar/school etc for a small fee to pick up your organic waste; this includes food scraps, organic packaging and our PLA eco-straws.
These companies turn your organic waste into a nutrient rich compost which can be used to grow more resources. Like corn for example, which aside from being suitable for harvesting as a food, produces cornstarch - which our PLA eco-straws are derived from! 🌽
We call this a circular economy, because it turns items made from nature back into nature. This is one of the most sustainable waste solutions on the planet, as there is no waste sent to landfill and no chance of it ending up in the ocean.
You can be proud to tell your customers & your kids that the straw they’re sucking on won’t pollute our planet, and will be returned back to nature.
This is the way forward to a Waste Free Australia ♻️.
Get in touch with our friends below to organise your organic waste pick-up service.
♻️ Perth - www.writesolutions.com.au
♻️ Sydney & Melbourne - www.wasteninja.com.au

(more locations coming soon)

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