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Eating a credit card weekly!

Shannon Craine


As I sat with a mug of coffee next to my son at one of our favourite cafes this weekend by the beach, I stumbled across a shocking article in the local paper. Apparently we are all eating the equivalent of a credit card worth of micro plastic a week.

Yes, it is in our water sources (bottled and tap I’m afraid), but it’s also in your beer, shellfish, salt.. it is everywhere. Of course I knew it was out there, but quantifying it like this makes it incredibly scary and real. Especially when the long term effects of the consumption of plastic are unknown.

I look at my son and I know that as a society, we have to do better. There’s been a rapid cultural shift in the past couple of years; words like eco-friendly, plant-based, organic, alternatives, vegan, vegetarian, recyclable, biodegradable are now a part of the normal vocabulary. Exciting and innovative products and inventions from regular people like you and I are more available and discoverable than ever before thanks to the power of social media (which is how we’ve been able to start our straw business too) but the reality is that we’ve got a long way to go to undo all of the damage that’s already been done, and is still happening with the ongoing production and use of plastic, despite the fact that almost everyone by now should be aware of what it’s doing to us and to our planet.

Better, environmentally friendly choices are out there. More people just have to stand up and make them.

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