The best way to dispose of our eco-straws and cutlery!

Shannon Craine


Composting is the fastest and most sustainable disposal method for our plant-based, PLA products. Composting is a natural process that recycles organic matter/waste such as food, plant-based straws and cutlery into a nutrient rich compost, also known as 'black gold' as it is an amazing fertiliser for your soil. This is what we call 'Nature's Circular Economy', a concept that goes beyond recycling and is the process of safely returning resources back into nature (compost), to be reused to grow corn to make PLA products for example.

All of #IMNOTPLASTICCOs products are commercially compostable, certified to European bioplastics industrial standards EN13432 & ASTMD6400 (EN13432 certified products must biodegrade by at least 90% within 90 days in a composting system to meet the criteria).

There are around 150 Industrial Composting and Organics Recycling facilities in Australia. Some councils provide composting facilities through their kerbside waste collections either through green organics and garden waste bins or through a dedicated organic recycling service. There is also many independent composting companies in Australia that will come to your house, cafe, bar or school etc weekly to pick up your organic waste such as food, organic packaging, eco-straws and cutlery. For information on Industrial Composting and Organics Recycling facilities contact your local council or the Australian Organics Recycling Association to find the nearest facility.

Please see our FAQ sheet at for more information.

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