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About us

Have you ever been half way through your smoothie and your paper straw goes soggy? Or felt guilty as you reach for a plastic straw that you will use for 5 minutes knowing it will never fully break down? Are you sick of seeing your favourite beaches in Australia and around the world covered in plastic and rubbish? Well we were sick of it too! Not to mention the effect it's having on our eco-systems, on our wildlife and on our future. 

So whilst there's a demand and market for single-use straws we are proud to offer eco-friendly alternatives that are designed to be turned back into nature (composted).

Shannon & Abbey, the founders of #IMNOTPLASTICCO, were born and raised on the West Australian coastline and have been best friends for over 16 years.

We started #IMNOTPLASTICCO in 2018 with a dream and a credit card and it has grown more than we could ever have imagined.

Shannon is a beach baby, animal lover and proud Mum of two bulldogs. She's a passionate traveller, loves marketing and has a background in sales. Abbey worked in occupational health, lives with son Max & sausage dog Lenny, and loves enjoying the outdoors, travel and trying to stay fit. 

Together, we are #IMNOTPLASTICCO and we are working hard to serve our customers and most importantly are invested in creating a sustainable future!