PLA Bendy Eco-Straw Black (210mm x 6mm)

Im Not Plastic Co

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PLA Bendy Eco-Straw Black (210mm x 6mm)

Size - 210mm x 6mm 

Colour - Black, White logo


100% Commercially Compostable

Lower Carbon Footprint


Made from fully biodegradable/compostable PLA & PBAT biopolymer. Bioplastics are an environmentally friendly alternative as they are designed to be turned back into nature (composted) and in addition to reducing plastic waste, #IMNOTPLASTICCO's eco-straws produce significantly less greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional plastics.



Certified 100% Compostable & Biodegradable - EN13432 & ASTM 6400.

FDA approved 


Our eco-straws are designed to biodegrade in the presence of heat and moisture. Please store your eco-straws in a dry, cold place away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture.



Our eco-straws are heat safe in liquids to ~70 degrees Celsius, above this they will soften. Best used in cold beverages!



6-8 months after delivery.



Custom straw printing available, MOQ required. Contact